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  • Multi pet & multi owner

    All owners can watch their pet simultaneously on limitless number of devices. And what is more, they can monitor up to 4 pets at the same time!

  • Unlimited reach

    Monitor your pet from wherever you go. Distance doesn't matter when there is Wi-Fi, 3G or LTE network available.

  • Live video

    You can see your pet anywhere, anytime thanks to full screen video in five different quality levels. Feel free to use back or front camera of your device and also the Night Light feature.

  • Apple Watch

    With iPhone-compatible Apple Watch it is so comfy to monitor a pet. You will easily see your pet's activity right on your wrist while your iPhone can stay hidden in the pocket.

  • Secure connection

    The security of our pets is our top priority. All communication between the pet and the owner device is securely encrypted.

  • Battery alert

    Stay informed about the battery status on the pet device. Always be alerted when the battery level drops below 10 % or individually set a value to ensure its well-timed charging.

  • Talk to your pet

    You can easily talk to your pet by pressing the mike button. The Annie Pet Monitor never lets your pet feel alone.

  • Easy to use

    Wave form and activity log right away on the home screen helps you to keep an eye on your pet. With just one glance at your phone’s display.

  • Use your old device

    Give your older device a second chance! Look after your pet with those old Apple devices tucked away in a drawer.


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What's new

  • David, Annie Head of Development


    Annie Pet Monitor for iOS has undergone changes and updates! The updated Annie Baby Monitor comes with a new menu to easily access commonly used features and a built-in network diagnoser so you never have to worry about connection problems again. We enjoy improving the things you care about, especially when it comes to our animal friends. Try Annie Pet Monitor in the App Store, you won't regret it!

  • David, Annie Head of Development


    Annie Pet Monitor has launched AppStore today! We are glad to bring you a pet monitoring application for iOS that supports 3G, LTE and Wi-Fi. Are you asking yourself, should you give it a chance and install Annie Pet Monitor? Firstly, it allows you to stay in touch with your pets all day, everyday! Plus it is genuinely multiped and supports monitoring up to 4 pets from a limitless number of devices. Try Annie Pet Monitor in its trial version for free or purchase a family account for $3,99 on the AppStore.

  • David, Annie Head of Development


    We are happy to announce that version 1.0 of stunningly reliable Annie Pet Monitor for iOS devices is ready to launch in few days. Stay tuned for more info about the app features and benefits. Soon available in your AppStore!